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Buying from the UK and shipping to Nigeria has just been made easy with your own dedicated UK shipping address to use when shopping online. We have made it possible to shop from retailers and wholesalers that will not deliver to Nigeria mostly because of the logistics headache or the cost. You can now shop from these stores and checkout using your dedicated UK forwarding address.

We consolidate and ship to Nigeria

We have made it easy for you to shop online from the UK and get the items delivered to your door in Nigeria. Our system makes it possible to buy from retailers that would not offer delivery of items to Nigeria. We provide a UK forwarding address for your online shopping. In cases where your payment cards are not acceptable for your shopping, we can purchase the items on your behalf through our personal buyer service.

We consolidate your purchase, manage returns and deliver your items at once, saving you money on shipping costs.

There are a few points to consider when using our service:

A dedicated UK Address for all your orders

Consolidation of your orders

Prompt and secure delivery of your goods to your doorstep

We handle returns on your behalf

Personal buying service for large orders or in cases of unacceptable payment cards

Customs duty already paid for most destinations

How we Ship to Nigeria

We ship to Nigeria with
FedEx, TheUKbuyer & UPS

Secure Online payment with
fully secure SSL checkout

We will notify you after your order arrives at our depot. We hold deliveries free for up to 14 days, after which a storage fee is applicable. 

We make savings on shipping costs with major international couriers due to the volume of our orders, and we transfer these savings to you, therefore saving you on the cost of International shipping.

We get you the best shipping rate for your destination.

Customs Duties and Taxes are included in the cost of your shipment to many destinations, saving you the hassle of dealing with customs duty payment.

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How does The UK Buyer work?

The UK Buyer provides shoppers with a UK shipping address and help to buy products from the UK while making payments in your local currency. And make Big savings on International shipping cost.

How can I estimate my shipping costs?

You can use our shipping rate page to estimate your shipping costs before you purchase products from the merchant. Ask for the weight and dimensions of the package. Enter the information to into our shipping rate calculator to get your estimate.

What products can you ship?

We can ship just about every product for you, including clothing items, mobile phones, Laptops, furniture, toys, cars, machinery and much more. Please contact us with product details to find out if we can help you with the purchase and shipment.

Can I Shop From Any Store In The UK?

Definitely yes. You can buy items from any store, retailers and wholesalers all over the UK. Please contact us with product details if you need any clarifications about a product that you are about to purchase.

Will The UK Buyer open my package?

Yes. We open every package when it arrives at our depot to make sure we have received the correct product and to check for damages. We also check for the list of the items if an invoice is attached.
We also check these items to reduce fraud and make sure they are legal for export. We do this for consolidation products which saves you shipping cost.

Can The UK Buyer buy goods for me?

Yes, that’s what we do. The UK Buyer provides service for individuals and companies with its buying service. We help with procurement for multinational and governmental contractors. We buy anything from single clothing items from shirts to shoes, bags to machineries, trucks etc

There is a fixed fee for our buying service and a Monthly and Yearly membership fee for a UK shipping address.

Can I use The UK Buyer to buy items on eBay or other auction sites?

Yes, you can buy items that do not require bidding such as “Buy It Now” items from eBay


Join thousands who have simplified shipping with us. Your packages, our priority! Need assistance? Our support team is just a click away.

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