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The UK buyer has simplified the buying process for those who want to shop from the UK but don’t have a UK address.

Subscribe for a UK shipping address to buy directly from wholesalers, retailers and stores all over the UK and have them deliver to your own dedicated UK address.

We then consolidate and ship to you offering one of the best shipping rates from the UK to Countries across Africa.

We keep it simple to save you the hassle

How it works

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Buy From The UK, Ship to To Africa

Shipping rates

Some of the African Countries
Rate Per Kg Starts From
South Africa

Why The UK Buyer?

What you get

We handle your Returns​

Reliability & Trust​

Pay for your items in your Local currency

Quick & superior packaging of your shipping

Shipping Includes Customs clearing​

Cheap shipping cost​

Buy From Amazon & Ebay

Discount & Promo codes​

Specialist knowledge of the UK market​

Consolidation of your

We Regularly Offer Discount Codes To Our Customers From Some Of The Largest UK Retailers

Some of the UK Stores

Our Logistics Experts are on hand to help with Any Queries

If you intend to buy from Amazon, Costco or Ebay from the UK, then get connected with our experts. We follow a seamless and responsive shipping process that packages your items carefully and then delivers them to your address.


How does The UK Buyer work?

The UK Buyer provides Nigerian shoppers with a UK shipping address and help to buy products from the UK while making payments in Naira. And make Big savings on International shipping cost.

How can I estimate my shipping costs?

You can use our shipping rate page to estimate your shipping costs before you purchase products from the merchant. Ask for the weight and dimensions of the package. Enter the information to into our shipping rate calculator to get your estimate.

What products can you ship?

We can ship just about every product for you, including clothing items, mobile phones, Laptops, furniture, toys, cars, machinery and much more. Please contact us with product details to find out if we can help you with the purchase and shipment.

Can I Shop From Any Store In The UK?

Definitely yes. You can buy items from any store, retailers and wholesalers all over the UK. Please contact us with product details if you need any clarifications about a product that you are about to purchase.

Will The UK Buyer open my package?

Yes. We open every package when it arrives at our depot to make sure we have received the correct product and to check for damages. We also check for the list of the items if an invoice is attached.
We also check these items to reduce fraud and make sure they are legal for export. We do this for consolidation products which saves you shipping cost.

Can The UK Buyer buy goods for me?

Yes, that’s what we do. The UK Buyer provides service for individuals and companies with its buying service. We help with procurement for multinational and governmental contractors. We buy anything from single clothing items from shirts to shoes, bags to machineries, trucks etc

There is a fixed fee for our buying service and a Monthly and Yearly membership fee for a UK shipping address.

Can I use The UK Buyer to buy items on eBay or other auction sites?

Yes, you can buy items that do not require bidding such as “Buy It Now” items from eBay


Join thousands who have simplified shipping with us. Your packages, our priority! Need assistance? Our support team is just a click away.

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